How to download, install, and run an emulator to play games.

In this particular tutorial I'll be covering where to find the emulator and games of your liking and how to install them so you can begin reminiscing on old times! 

I should note that this tutorial is for Mac but probably will be similar for PC users.

First, you have to decide which emulator you want. 

For the purpose of this tutorial I'll choose the Nintendo 64 console emulator. 

There are tons of emulators out there you can choose from.

The one I'll be showing you that I found works fairly well for most games is called "SixtyForce"

Download the sixty file (note this only works for Intel Macs running OS X 10.5 or later)

and after you unpack the emulator go ahead and drag it into your applications folder and start it up. 

Right now you don't have any games to play on it. You can download games, which are called "ROM's", meaning "read-only memory" that stores all the stuff you need to play your game. 

A popular place to download games for your emulator is

Another is I personally prefer Coolrom but feel free to explore and find ones you like.

Once you find a game you want to play download it (you'll have to wait a few seconds after the prompt appears). While you wait, create a folder somewhere on your mac where you'll store your games. 

Now, locate the game you downloaded and double click on it. It should open, by default, with SixtyForce and load the game that you downloaded. 

Voila just like magic you can wield the golden gun as James Bond, collect stars as THE Super Mario, and save princess Zelda as Link all by downloading an emulator. :) 

Another great link I found which has a lot of emulators and rom sites is at the following link.