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Why embed badges?

The Just-in-Time Learning badges are a great way to show off what you learned, but only if someone can see them. By embedding them in your portfolio, others will be able to click on each badge to confirm you earned it and learn what it covers.

What you'll need

A scriptable portfolio

Not every online portfolio lets you add scripted content via an iframe. (To learn more, see this comparison of portfolio platforms.) Here are some common platforms:

✅ Custom-coded HTML site

✅ Custom WordPress (eg, from via Advanced iFrame plugin

✅ Wix via "HTML iFrame/Embed" (untested)


❌ LinkedIn (we're still working on this)

How do I embed my badges?

Here's an example of how you would accomplish this with a custom WordPress site.

1. Choose your badge display color scheme

Try these in a browser with your email, and copy the URL for the design you prefer.

2. Use a consistent http protocol

For the URLs above, if your portfolio domain is still http://, use the same protocol in your iframe, that is http:// instead of https://.

Or just update your domain to https:// with Let's Encrypt (you should anyway).

3. Install an iframe plugin

Go to your dashboard,

Search for the Advanced iFrame plugin, then install and activate.

Go to Installed Plugins > Advanced iFrame > Settings > Basic Settings

Ignore the other fields. In URL put the URL you chose earlier, eg:

Click "Check all iFrames" and look for warnings.

Update Settings

4. Add page

Pages > Add new

Entitle it "Digital badges" or "Microcredentials" or "Hey check it out."

Stopsign menu at upper right > Code editor.

Add short code, eg:

[advanced_iframe src="" width="100%" height="600"]

Preview to make sure it's right.

Publish and add a link to your new page from your main menu.

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