Common portfolio software compared

Feature Custom WordPress (.org) Wix (similar to Weebly, Squarespace)
Popularity 30% of Web Unknown 1% of Web
Easy setup OK OK Yes
WYSIWIG/drag-and-drop editing Limited Limited Yes
Tech support Community-based Dedicated staff Dedicated staff
Responsibility for updates User updates site Service updates site Service updates site
Short-term cost $3-$10/month None None
Long-term cost No additional cost for features Limited features Cost for additional features
NMD integration Yes Requires migration No
Attractive designs Excellent (requires research) OK Excellent (curated for you)
Can switch themes later Yes Yes No
Mobile compatibility Yes Yes Limited
Number of layouts ("themes") Yes Very limited Somewhat limited
Configuration options (widgets, plugins, custom code) Yes Very limited Somewhat limited
Format support (vector graphics, animation) Yes Yes Somewhat limited
Apply your domain name Yes Costs more Costs more
Ecommerce (store) options Unlimited Limited Limited
You own your content Yes Yes Service maintains non-exclusive rights
Open source Yes Yes No
Number of posts Unlimited Unlimited Limited to ~30
Can export content Yes Yes No
Can upload HTML files (Twine etc.) Yes No No
Storage Unlimited Limited Limited
Avoid ads Yes No Cost to remove