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Badge Array

New Media faculty and students offer these free tutorials as part of their Just-In-Time Learning Initiative. Browse tutorials individually, clustered by topic, or learn more about the Just-in-Time Learning initiative below.

Get lasting credentials

Add badges to your portfolio to show future employers and collaborators.

Verify achievements

Employers can look up a badge to see what it required and when you earned it.

Test your learning

Complete the fill-in-the-blank or free-form quizzes to earn each badge.

Take your time

Watch the screencasts online at your own pace.

Level up

Pursue a topic through beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels.

Get a hint

For free-form answers, get contextual hints to help correct your syntax or vocabulary.

Learn from peers

Create screencasts for your fellow students.

Flip the classroom

Watch the "lectures" at home so you can work on the homework during class.

In or outside of class

Earn badges for a class or as a personal project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've ever wanted to learn a skill online but also wanted something to show for it, the Just-in-Time Learning initiative was made for you. Created by faculty and students of the University of Maine's New Media program, this free and open collection of tutorials on everything from how to code a web page to how to run a bandsaw makes it easy to learn a skill and share your accomplishment with your friends, teacher, or prospective employers. Just choose a topic, watch the video, and pass the quizzes along the way, and in the end you'll be awarded a digital badge you can show on your portfolio.

You don't need a login; just watch the tutorials that interest you and claim them with your email address at the end of each video. For more information contact us at ude.eniam@otiloppij.

Earning a badge

What's the point of earning these?

Earn badges to mark your own self-directed learning, or as part of a "flipped" class so that you can focus on applying your knowledge in-class, or as hardware certification (safety training for a bandsaw).

Prospective employers will also find evidence of specific skills in the portfolio of badges you have earned ("We need someone who can make a budget and design a logo").

How do I get a badge?

First choose a tutorial, for example by clicking on one of the "Browse" links above. Click to play its video; within a few minutes the movie will stop and a quiz will appear underneath. Answer it correctly, or watch the segment again. Once you get the answer right, the video will continue playing.

Pass every quiz as the video progresses and at the end you'll be prompted to enter your email. Assuming you passed all the quizzes, you'll get a notification that you earned the badge associated with this tutorial.

Do I need to create an account?

Nope. Just enter your email as instructed when you're done with a tutorial. Your badges will be associated with that email address, so make sure you type it correctly and always use the same one.

Is there any cost to watch the tutorials or earn the badges?

None. The system is free for everyone.

Do I have to be a New Media student at the University of Maine?

No. You can be in grade school, in a retirement home, or anywhere in between.

Why do some badges have ribbons or fancy edges?

Most badges are part of a suite of variations on the same topic. Suites typically cover 4 or more levels, such as Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Expert. The first badge in a suite may be just a disk shape; the second may have a corona; higher-level badges may have one or more ribbons.

What software do I need to get and see badges?

A stable Internet connection and any modern web browser will work. We test on Firefox.

How can I make a video play faster or slower?

You can control the playback speed by clicking the number at the lower right of the video. .5x = half speed, 2x = double speed, etc.

Can I just watch the video without going through the quizzes?

Sure--click the "just play the video" link in the text on the tutorial page. You won't earn a badge this way, but it's a good way to refresh your knowledge if you already earned it.

Sharing badges

How do I see the badges I've earned?

You can always see your badges by visiting:


You can also see your batches directly in Slack if your instructor has set this up by typing this "slash" command:

/pabo_profile EMAILADDRESS

The results will be visible only to you.

How do I share my badges on my portfolio or web site?

The simplest way is just to include the link to your badges above. However, if you have a compatible website, you can create an interactive array of badges that shows people what you've learned without their even leaving your site. Instructions are here.

I already earned a badge for one class. Do I have to earn it again if it's on the syllabus for another class?

In most cases, no. Unless the badge has an expiration date--which could be true of technologies that change quickly--once you earn it, it's yours to keep. Professors can go to your public profile to see that you've already earned it.

What's to stop someone probably just downloading a badge image and putting it on their portfolio?

If you share your badges using the technique explained above, anyone who clicks on one will see what the badge covers, the criteria for earning it, and a verification that you did. If your evil twin just downloaded a badge image by itself, clicking on it wouldn't show any of the metadata.

Can I review or give feedback on a tutorial?

We are working on a review system, but in the meantime, please contact us with any feedback you have. We'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

What do you do with my data?

So far, we only store your email so you and others can see the badges you earned. We don't collect a password or your name. In the future we might analyze the aggregate data to share correlations ("People who earned badge X also earned badge Y"), but that would be anonymized.

Can I make my badges private?

You can't do that with the current badges. (You're supposed to be proud of them!) However, there's no way for others to see the badges you earned unless they know the email you used.


Who makes these tutorials?

Most of these tutorials have been created by the New Media faculty at the University of Maine. About a third have been produced by undergraduate or graduate students in the program.

Can I use these tutorials for my students?

Sure, they're free to you and your students. It doesn't matter where you teach. Each of your students just needs an email address.

How can I track my students' progress?

You can track student progress on the Web using the URL pattern above, or contact us at ude.eniam@otiloppij to get a custom Slack command or Python script you can tweak to look only for certain badges.

Do I have to grade badge quizzes myself?

Nope. The software checks each student's quizzes and verifies badges earned.

I have an idea for a tutorial on my own.

Cool! Contact us for instructions on how to make a screen cast, code the quizzes, and design a badge. If you like, we can consider adding yours to this public collection. If you're in a University of Maine class, let your instructor know, because some will give you credit for making screencasts as part of the course.

What software did you use to make the badges?

This version is based on the Mozilla open badges backpack and the VideoJS framework for playing Web video. The rest of the system is a JavaScript framework developed by the University of Maine's New Media program.

Getting help

Why can't I move the video forward or backward by dragging the marker?

We've disabled that. Users were running into errors caused by scrubbing the timeline forward or backward, thereby skipping over a quiz. However, you can control the playback speed (see above).

Rewinding by clicking the "watch again" button is fine.

I'm stumped by a particular quiz.

Click on the hints at left. If they don't help, email a screenshot of the quiz with your answer to ude.eniam@otiloppij with the name of the tutorial, the quiz question, and what browser are you using. We'll try to help.

I tried to earn a badge but got an error at the end of the video.

Assuming you passed all the quizzes you saw, you can still get an error if you have an intermittent Internet connection. And as mentioned above, scrubbing the timeline backward or forward can cause an error.

Also, a known bug in Chrome will prevent it from giving you the Anatomy of a Web page: CSS and Prepare your computer for Web projects badges. Please use a different browser such as Firefox or Safari for those.

I have a question not in this list.

Contact us at ude.eniam@otiloppij.